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            The United States" welfare system is a program that enables needy Americans to sustain themselves and provide for their basic needs, which include shelter, food, and clothing. Programs are aimed at helping people unable to support themselves fully or earn a living; necessities that most people can provide on their own through means of labor. Welfare is designed to aid those people who are incapable of working or obtaining any help from family members or other sources. But how is this money obtained? Welfare programs are funded through means of taxes by the same Americans who are part of the labor force. Essentially, all countries should have welfare programs that provide for those people who are needy. However, in order to avoid the dependence of welfare among different groups in our society, government should create policies to modify the current socioeconomic issues and be more selective in deciding just how needy is needy. .
             Over the past decade, the number of foreign immigrants in the United States has risen drastically. According to Virginia Abernethy, "immigration accounts for nearly half of U.S. population growth" (Abernethy). The reason for this drastic increase is mainly due to the socioeconomic conditions of the neighboring countries. As a result, our nation has found the need to adjust to the overwhelming growth of the population; it has needed to provide for those immigrants who upon arrival are unable to do so for themselves. Indeed, the United States" welfare system, though not generous by Western European standards, stack up pretty well when compared to the standard of living available in most of the world's less-developed countries (Borjas). As a result, many immigrants rely on the aid of the United States" government to sustain themselves since this assistance discourages work. Consequently, welfare system has been altered and so has its purpose, making it unjust to provide funds for people who have never contributed a penny to the United States" economy.

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