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             In today's society, marriage is a fundamental choice that people make in order to provide a secure and stable environment for their families. Marriage offers a more spiritual and healthier lifestyle, compared to the lifestyles of those who are unmarried. Marriage provides a more secure and stable environment for your children to grow up. There are many positive things in life to look forward to when a family is united, such as, birthdays, family reunions, sending the kids off to college, holidays, and the welcoming of a new baby. .
             For instance, when comparing the lifestyles of men, women, and children of married families to that of the non-married, recent surveys and studies have shown that married men earn between 10 and 40 percent more than single men, with similar education and job history. Marriage also increases the likelihood that fathers will have better relationships with their children. Divorce and unmarried childbearing significantly increases poverty rates of both mothers and children. Between one-fifth and one-third of divorcing women, end up in poverty because of divorce. Married women also appear to have a lower risk of domestic violence than cohabiting or dating women. Even after controlling race, age, and education, people who cohabit are still three times more likely to report violent arguments.
             Since the beginning of our time, through religion, we have been taught that cohabiting was immoral, and that finding our soul mates and becoming married were our destiny. If we would like to be morally right for our faith and well-being, marriage is the beginning our lifelong journey. My argument is not to say that you are more likely to be immoral, if you are not married. However, you are definitely subjected to situations that are a lot more immoral and circumstantial. .
             To conclude my argument, I would say that the bread is in the pudding, when it comes to the facts and statistics about the benefits and impact of marriage.

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