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Women In Combat

             Today there are many women who serve their county by participating in the armed forces. Women have always been apart of the military, whether they were working as nurses caring for the wounded or secretaries for the war department. After the woman's movement in the sixties many women have decided to push for combat rights. Women have made multiple advancements in many fields when just a few years ago men primarily dominated those positions. There is a great deal of research and evidence to prove that women are capable and willing to go into combatable situations, although history has already shown that females are just as capable as men to perform under fire. People that are against women going into combat often argue that women are not physically and psychological capable of dealing with the horridness of war. Another concern of those that are opposed to women in combat is that the effectiveness of the combat unit would be in jeopardy because of the inclusion of women in combat. They feel that men would take unnecessary risks to protect the women that would endanger the entire combat unit. If women are willing and able to put themselves in the situation of combat and are able to pass the same tests men have to pass then there is no reason why they should be excluded from doing what they think they want to do. It is wrong to deny a woman the right to participate in an activity because it is thought of as a "man's job or duty.".
             History has shown one instance where women where used very successfully in a combat situation. In WWII Russia used women in combat. Russian woman took up arms to defend the city and flew fighters to protect Stalingrad from advancing German armies. While the woman held these positions of combat, it was documented that they preformed extremely well. The performance of the Russian women in WWII refutes the theory that women are less effective in combat then men.

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