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Women in Combat

            Ancient Greeks firmly believed in the effectiveness of women warriors. Ancient myths talked about the Amazons, who were a society of war-like women. The Latin phrase a mazon means "breastless". Evidently, the Amazons cut off their right breast so it would not interfere with the use of their bows and arrows. These women, although physically tough and forceful, caused conflict among many because of their immorality. The Amazons lived without men, but occasionally engaged in sexual intercourse with men for functional purposes of procreation. Basically, the women had no affection for the male and were just using them for their assets. If conceptions lead to the births of male children, the babies would be killed. Only females were wanted among these women.
             America has been home to military women for a surprisingly long period of time. Disguised as men, small numbers of women served in combat in every war before the twentieth century, in which the United States was involved. With the wake of industrialism, American women developed skills that would become of great value to the military. Women dominated positions such as secretaries and phone operators. This would come into great demand by World War I. Non-aggressive forms of military involvement, by women, should continue, since they have proven to be highly successful in those particular fields. Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler's weapons production chief said "that women were equally effective, and for some skills, superior to males" (Binkin and Bach 9). Speer's remark was made at the end of World War II. I think women do have certain skills that are superior to those men, but I am not so sure that their skills carry over to the battlefield, but rather to the office.
             In the United States, women in the armed forces are meticulously incorporated into combat support roles and the services depend on how capable the women are. No law prohibits women from participating in combat.

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