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Women in Combat 3

             Attention getter: "Why should I not be allowed to do something I want to do because some guy lying on a couch watching TV feels uncomfortable seeing me dragged through the streets?" was quoted as saying Lt. Sarah Fritts, an apache helicopter pilot with the seven cavalry in the Christian Science monitor web site modified April 03 2003. .
             Thesis: With the current technology and the size of female soldiers serving in all branches of services, should women be allowed to serve in ground combat?.
             Audience to Topic: one day, some of you might want to join the military, and you will face these problems that I am going to share with you. It took me five years in the military to understand why people talk about the subject so much, and today I am going to share with what those problems are.
             Opponent argue that women in combat will lower unit standard and readiness, unit cohesion and they don"t like the idea of women as a prisoners of war, those who support women in combat disagree. .
             Introduction: "what are the current statues of women in the military?".
             1. According the Department of Defense women make up 15% of all armed forces in 2003.(DOD).
             2. In 1994 DEPARTMENT of Defense policy rescinded the "Risk Rule" which allowed women to be excluded from any unit which could draw hostile fire or in which capture was possible. As a result, more than 80,000 new positions in the Army and Marine Corps became available for women.(DOD).
             3. Women serve in 99% of all jobs available in the Air Force, 91% of navy jobs, 60% of marine jobs and 65% of army jobs are open to women. Women are excluded form special forces and infantry and artillery units. (RAND).
             I. According to the Department of defense, Physical fitness standards are categorized by age and gender. (DOD).
             A. Opponents argue that the presence of women in the ranks creates a double standard that inflicts adverse attitudes among service members.

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