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            In dealing with the Constitution and the Confederate Constitution, I found that there in deed were many similarities and differences. I believe that the Confederate Constitution is a document that governs a group of people that don't agree with everything the Constitution implies. I say this because the Confederate Constitution has much of the same laws and guidelines as the Constitution, yet it is altered to fit a group of people and protects slavery with certain guidelines that also prevents it from being abolished. In this case the southerners. The Confederates want many of the things the constitution has to offer, along with the views and opinions that they share amongst themselves. Aside from showing the similarities and differences of these two documents, I will also explain how the differences reflect different philosophies of government. While dealing with these issues in a more clear and complex manner I will show you the differences between the Constitution and the Confederate Constitution, along with how these two documents provide a certain form of government for the states and the people that inhabit them.
             It would be impossible to point out and explain all of the similarities and differences between the Constitution and the Confederate Constitution in only five pages, so I will discuss what I feel are the most important points of these two documents. The first thing that caught my attention was the first thing I read, the preamble. I believe this is a main point in the compare and contrasting of the two documents. While both brief and to the point they say a lot about what will follow in that particular document. The preamble of the United States Constitution begins by saying, "We the people of the United States."1 On the other hand the Confederate Constitution reads, "We, the people of the Confederate States."2 From these few words of each document I can a major difference or problem.

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