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            "Welcome" and "Leave your troubles at the door" were just the words that I wanted to hear on the night before war. Upon arriving at Studio 54 I was very excited because I have longed to see the inside of the theatre that was one of the best nightclubs in the seventies. Having seen the movie and a high school version of Cabaret I was pretty aware of the plot but was still very excited to see how the revival would differ from the original.
             The Studio 54 theatre I believe is as important a part of the play as the singing. The theatre allows for the audience to feel as though they are truly a part of the nightclub scene. The play opened up with the famous "Willkommen" performed by Neil Patrick Harris which allows the audience to begin to understand how the play will work and what is expected of them the audience. The plot continues as we are introduced to the main character of cliff that is an American looking for his nitch in the world. Cliff is persuaded to stay in a very poor inn that is run by Frau. Schneider. This allows him to meet sally at the Kit Kat Klub and therefore sets up the plot.
             The music of Cabaret is a fantastic effect that works so well. The orchestra is not only musicians but also actors and dancers. This effect allows the audience to begin to feel more affection for each cast member since they are doing almost every aspect of performance. This effect goes almost unnoticed by the audience and therefore is a successful technique. The songs of the show, just like any good show, allow the audience to learn intricate details about certain characters that cannot be given in running dialogue. The song "It couldn"t please me more" shows the growing affections of Frau. Schneider and Herr Schultz as well as the caring nature of Herr Schultz. The Emcee has a very important role in the play because he sings certain songs directly to the audience and he alone tells the true underlying meaning of the show.

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