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Movie Summary - Cabaret

            Inside the world of the Kit Kat Klub, "life is beautiful" and you can "leave your troubles outside." It is a place where people can escape the political turmoil that was transforming Berlin in 1931. The Cabaret embraces the hedonistic way of life, and the pursuit of pleasure. It is a wonderfully decadent, chaotic and sleazy setting that allows for the film to explore the selfish relationships between the characters. While many of the characters in the film seem oblivious to the Nazi influence that is becoming more and more dominant, there are selfish and unselfish traits in all of them. Sally, the fast-talking Cabaret star, appears so caught up in her aspirations of becoming a professional actress; that she doesn't seem to notice the political changes or the promising relationship that she could have made with Brian. Sally is an extravagant and overwhelming character, but the audience is able to see a side of her that shows she is as frightened and inexperienced in the game of love, as the reserved and innocent Brian. .
             It would be easy to label Sally as self-absorbed and attention seeking, after all, she confesses to Brian when they first meet that her aim is to 'shock' with her bright green nails and even brighter makeup. The two are very much in contrast to each other. Brian is quiet, controlled and passive while Sally is loud and attention seeking. She works in the Cabaret, which is a perfect environment for Sally to have attention showered on her. The audience first sees Sally performing in the Cabaret in the back of the chorus line, but she is soon center stage singing 'Mein Heir'. The song gives the audience an idea of where the storyline will end up. "It was a fine affair, but now it's over", shows the selfish values in Sally's life and how neither men or emotional attachments will stop here from succeeding in life. 'Mein Heir' is about a free and easy lifestyle of openly discarded men once finished with them, that Sally adopts which led to her self-absorption.

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