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            "Cabaret suggests that society pays a price when individuals seek to escape from reality" Do you agree.
             Cabaret shows an interesting and tragic way that society can pay for an individuals escape from reality. The characters from the film demonstrate to the viewer how the people of Berlin suffer greatly from their attempt to escape reality. For through their own disillusions they allow the Nazi regime to come into power. As a consequence of this, society pays a price through suffering through the turmoil of the rule of the Nazi party. .
             Sally Bowles is both an interesting and complex character. Her continuous illusion of wanting to be "a big movie star" demonstrates to the audience that she attempts to escape reality on a regular basis. Sally is so wrapped up in her own world that nothing seems to affect her. A key scene demonstrating this is when Max's limo drives pass the Nazi bashing in the street. Bob Fosse has enhanced this seen by using freeze framing to give it a more dramatic effect and also create resent towards the Nazis. This seen also provides the viewer with an insight on Sally's unawareness of the outside world by showing her interrupting Max's and Brian's conversation, by saying "Hey Max, can we go to the Bristol Bar I"m dying to show off my new fur coat". Whether Sally is just trying to be insular or ignore the facts it is clear that she is attempting to escape from reality. Sally distances herself from the problems of society through out the film. At the end this is made clear by her singing "Life is a Cabaret" to a packed audience of Nazis, without commenting or noticing. Clearly Sally is living the life of the Cabaret, constantly making her life to be something it's not. She proclaims her father to be "practically an ambassador" when in reality "the real truth is that he just doesn't care". Nothing affects her state of mind because she is constantly living in this dream world were a movie producer will "whisk her off her feet".

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