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            In society, there are many ups and downs, many things to deal with and things to make life easier. Individuality has been something people have been dealing with or living along with for a long time. Perhaps you did not know, but today, society as a whole moves away from people being individuals. True, there are those who do encourage individuality, but those who are against it are larger in number, and more ridiculous in claim.
             Most people in society today do not want individuals, and discourage it greatly. Some people in the United States try to create a more individual society, but most times with almost no success. For instance the Walt Disney Company tried to create the "perfect community" by funding a large scale development, even going as far as to hire black workers to make prospect black buyers to feel more comfortable. Even with the extra efforts the community ended up 88 percent white and this is in a county that is 59 percent white. This shows that people have not been encouraged to be individuals, to live in a fully integrated city, but that they would rather be together with all those who are like them. "I would not want to live here. They are not comfortable with us and I am not comfortable with them" (Blair A31). The New York Times tells of another place that the lack of individual encouragement is present. It is in one town in New York called Corning, and in it there is a new program that has been put in place called "Choice Theory". This "Choice Theory" is a program that is used by most of the people in Corning, even being put to use in the schools and work places. Overall this program helps people become better people, by helping them to think more about what they can do to make things better, but while doing this, it makes them all the same, limiting individuality. Another town described in the New York Times in California called El Dorado Hills has one house that is not the proper color according to the communities regulations, with the color being yellow.

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