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            Has anybody ever asked you "Why can't you be like everybody else? Or "why cant you just be normal?" What is everybody else like and what exactly is the true definition of normal?.
             There are so many people out there that are trying hard to be individual that individual can no longer mean single, particular of or for single person or thing. .
             Everybody tries to set trends and start new phases, longing for individuality and a higher social status but to be completely honest, if you"re not enough like the rest then you"re what's called a misfit. How can you possibly fit in if you dress, talk, walk and act totally different to everybody else?.
             This world is not exactly a hotbed for nonconformity. There are individual variants here and there of course, but within narrow limits we all wear the same clothes, talk the same way, and listen to the same music.
             People become intimidated and threatened by others looks and ways of acting. I mean, if we stand up for what we believe in, this is very well, but if you"re standing alone then this can be a problem. For instance if you keep to yourself and follow the others, then you wont have any questions thrown at you, you wont stand out in the crowd. Therefore, this is fitting in, isn't it?.
             How many of you just want to stand back and let others make all the decisions for you?.
             All of this makes it very hard to be yourself, doesn't it? But if we just all stopped trying so hard to fit in, then we will stand out. .

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