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13 days

             "Thirteen Days" is a movie that we recently watch in American Cultures. The title was not very appealing, but much can be learned from just watching fractions of the film. The movie is about President Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred within just 13 days of history. From the beginning until the end of the standoff, each part of the movie was very suspenseful and true. Overall, the movie was good to watch, and showed how a part of history was made. I learned a lot about history from the movie "Thirteen Days.
             The first thing I learned was about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cuban Missile Crisis began in the 1960's with the Soviet Union building a secret missile base in Cuba. Suspicion grew in the U.S. and evidence was found by taking pictures with satellites and aircrafts. Many problems inflicted once evidence was found and revealed. Not very many options were available, but few were left. One of the options, besides demanding them to stop, was to form quarantine around Cuba, which did work.
             The second thing I learned was President Kennedy. He was President during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the youngest elected president in history. He was firm when handling the crisis, and kept the U.S. from a World War III that could have happened. Most of the time, President Kennedy stayed calm and tried to make decisions that were accurate and less dangerous. Without President Kennedy, the outcome might have been much more different.
             Another thing that I learned was, the people who helped President Kennedy during the crisis. Not all credit should be given to President Kennedy for dealing with the Cuban Missile. President Kennedy had a crew that bore with him throughout the entire crisis. Two most important people were Kenny O"Donnell and Robert F. Kennedy, who were President Kennedy's two most trusted associates. The both of them helped with President Kennedy's decisions and encouraged him during the crisis.

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