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13 Days

            The movie 13 Days was a portrayal of events that happened surrounding the Cuban missile crisis. This movie shows the events from different points of view to give an accurate portrayal of the events. For those 13 days the world was closer to the brink of nuclear war than ever before. 13 Days was an excellent film that accurately portrayed the events and the actions of the president and his advisors.
             For a movie to portray events correctly is a very rare thing, but for history movies it is essential that it is correct so that the audience gets an accurate portrayal of the events. 13 Days was so accurate because it showed the confusion of the president and also the treachery of his own military men. Unlike most movies that portray the president as being in complete control and always knowing what to do 13 Days showed what really was going on. .
             During that Cuban Missile Crisis JFK showed many leadership qualities that help to avoid war when everyone else wanted to attack. JFK had patience and took his time to make a decision instead of being bullied into attacking. For example when all of the generals from the cabinet are at the meeting and they tell him that they think they could get most of the missiles. JFK wanted to make sure that they could get them off or else why attack and against pressure from this military he resisted the temptation to attack. .
             If any of the Presidents Kennedy's decisions had been different it would have changed the outcome of the crisis and the outcome of the world today as we know it.
             One of the most crucial decisions was the use of backdoor diplomacy. If the White House ignored the back room diplomacy and did not make their deal under the table for the missiles in Turkey the world as we know it could have ended. By using the diplomacy that he used JFK took a big risk and a chance with millions of American lives but his risk paid off and stopped a war from beginning.

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