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Korean Life

             "Throughout our lives, there are many lessons that should be learned. Perhaps the most important of these lessons, is tolerance. It is very important that people learn to accept people for who they are, not just by their age, gender or race. This year, I have gotten the opportunity to learn about tolerance in many different ways. I have read the book "Night," by Elie Weisel, I have watched the movie "Schindler's List" and I have also read "Our Story," by Greg Siegman. .
             "Night," "Schindler's List," and "Our Story," were all written for basically the same reason. To teach others how to accept people, and not to judge them based on appearance, but rather to get to know them and then develop opinions of people based on their personality. In "Night," Elie Wiesel witnesses many accounts of intolerance. The whole plot basically centers around the idea of one race being dominant over another. The Nazi's think that Germans are more important than the Jewish people, and they blame the Jews for basically everything that has ever gone wrong in Germany, and therefore, the Germans want to kill off the Jews. In "Schindler's List," Oskar Schindler becomes aware of the situation that is developing around him, and he feels great sorrow for the Jews. He demonstrates great courage and tolerance when he takes the Jews in to work for him. He is going against the majority of the population by doing so, but he really doesn't care. He doesn't see the Jews as anything less than human beings. When he looks at them, he sees regular, ordinary people. Most of the people see something entirely different when they look into the face of a Jew. They see the reason for everything that has ever gone wrong in their life. They see someone who's life no longer is worth saving. They see that in the face of a Jew, and they decide that all Jews should be killed because of it. Schindler does everything in his power to convince the German people otherwise, but to no prevail.

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