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Korean Immigration

            Korean immigration to the United States can be divided into mostly two phases- before 1965 and after 1965. Immigration resulted from the need for cheap labor in Hawaii and the outbreak of the Korean War. Since 1965, five factors have influenced Korean emigration to the United States, these were factors such as the division of Korea into the North and South, the rise of the new middle class in Korea; the development of a new division of labor; and the changing status of Korea in this new situation. The prospect of a higher standard of living and a better opportunity for their children's education motivated many Koreans to choose trans-Pacific immigration. But military, political and economic connections between the United States and Korea were also important factors in explaining why South Korea sent more immigrants to the United States than other Asian countries during this period.
             Korea is originally located on a peninsula. Living life the Korean way was becoming a constant struggle to carry on. Leaving their homeland during the end of the 19th century took place in a time "during an era of economic, political, and religious upheaval". Yet, the Koreans did not leave solely for the political problems plaguing their country; they left for the work they were promised to find in the plantations, most specifically in the islands of Hawaii. Although not everything went according to their plans.Working conditions turned out to be horrible, dirty and atrocious places to work for long hours in the day with no breaks and six-day weeks. In attempt to escape such conditions, Koreans were forced to open up their own means of work independently as grocers, launders, and occasionally tailor shops. About one third of Koreans emplooyed own their own businesses. .
             To reduce the stress the received from work, Korean men were in search of women from their homeland which were unable to be found in the United States.

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