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            Over five million Jewish lives were lost during the Holocaust in World War II. The Jews seemed passive during the Holocaust with no major uprisings or battles toward the Nazi's. Why is this so? Why did over five million people not fight back? Several reasons factor into the answer of that question. They did not have adequate warning time or information to organize a rebellion, they had no country to back them up, their faith may have been a hindrance, and sadly, they had no choice to live or die. .
             The death camps or annihilation camps were set up in Poland in 1942 after the invasion. The Jews that were living in Poland at the time had no fair warning that Hitler was going to invade their country, but even more so, they had no fair warning that Hitler was going to set up death camps. In the beginning, Hitler used mass shootings as a way of exterminating the Jews. This proved far too public and emotionally traumatizing to the gunmen. The five death camps were set up secretly in Poland after 1942. The people who were not taken to the camps thought of them as rumors, horrible rumors. Even the Jewish people themselves did not believe the atrocities inside the death camps could really exist. These people were rounded up on trains and taken to a place that was only rumored to exist among their community. The Jewish people that were taken away on trains did not return, the communities were in the dark about any pertinent information that would have helped. They could not form an adequate military with no information on the locations of the death camps.
             Holocaust 2.
             The Jewish people have no country that claims them as their own. They are a sort of enigma in that matter. Even in biblical times they did not have a country to hold them together. They have a faith that holds them together. Jews are not part of a race, but rather a faith, or religion.

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