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Jane Eyre's Childhood

             "Jane Eyre" Collage.
             Jane left Thornfield to go to her first school, which was Lowood. Mrs. Reed really sent Jane there to get her out of her house. Mr. Brocklehurst was the tall, scary man who came to Thornfield to tell Jane about the school and also to scare her a little bit. Mr. Brocklehurst was the school treasurer, who actually ended up pocketing the money that parents paid to send their child there. Yet, no one else knew that.
             Due to Mr. Brocklehurst's greediness the school was left with no money and very poor conditions. Lowood was an all girl school and all the girls were very disciplined. The building was cold, there was just one fire and the older girls got to sit closer to it, leaving the smaller girls to freeze. There was very small portions of food and it wasn"t exactly the best food ever. Miss Temple was the school's headmistress, she was kind and Jane liked her very much. While at school, Jane made friends but her best friend was Helen Burns. Helen was Jane's opposite, she was very quiet and liked to play it by the rules. Jane was loud and liked a little adventure. Unfortunately, Helen died in her sleep one night from Typhus fever. Jane was very distraught over this.
             Jane spent all of her teen years at Lowood and was placed at Gateshead immediately after to start a whole new part of her life. .

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