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             With the sun setting and the sky quickly changing to black, we prepared for our journey. It had long been said that the abandoned prison in Lincoln was haunted and that those who wandered the corroding halls would meet the after life. My friend Marcus, who accompanied my best friend Grant and me, had heard from his sister that if you were in the halls late at night you would hear footsteps and screaming. On nights that there was nothing to do, kids older than us would go there and wander around looking for ghosts, and going up to the top floor which stuck out somewhat highly in the sky, to see the whole city and its lights. So like any curious sixteen year olds, we had to experience it for ourselves. Waiting in the car were my friends Scotty, Steve, and Kerry. They were too scared to go in.
             We had another force besides the afterlife working against us that the older kids didn"t, the police. I guess the year before we made our attempt another kid from out of town went in and broke his leg. Afraid of more lawsuits, the city had police patrolling the building at all times of day, and they added a fence directly around the building in hopes that it would keep us from entering.
             The building itself was huge, there must have been at least 100 rooms in it, plus it connected to a gigantic guard tower that could be seen from a long distance away. It was surrounded by a ten-foot tall chain linked fence with barbed wire at the top of it. Outside of the fence was a field that must have been a half-mile in any direction of the building. It was filled with grass that was about waist high and trees sporadically placed throughout it, and it was this field that would present our first challenge.
             As we entered the field we could see the moon just starting to come up, it was a full moon, which projected more light on us than we were hoping for. But we proceeded as planned. A fence that was about six feet tall also surrounded the field.

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