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Gender Stereotypes in Magazines

             Today the media text I have chosen is the ralph magazine. This magazine has been around for quite a few years now and is undoubtedly one of the most popular mens magazines in Australia. The magazine shows what men love women, money, cars, toys and more women.
             This magazine is clearly directed at the male gender. With the logo "Ralph the Aussie Blokes Bible". With this type of impression you can clearly say that this magazine is directed at males. There is also a very attractive women printed on the front cover dressed only in a black bikini and also other captions printed on the front like Lingerie Special and 12 pages of Hot Models. With these types of captions and images it is definitely an eye catcher to the male gender.
             Inside there is pages of beautiful women posing in bikinis and articles asking them about there sex life and what they like doing in there spare time. This is usually what happens to all models when posing for ralph magazine. In an interview called Gobstopper a model is asked many different sexual questions thus to try to keep the reader interviewed. Lets admit it sex sells.
             You can say the average Aussie bloke loves some type or form of sport. In the ralph magazine there is a lot of articles on sporting achievements lately around the world or interviewing athletes. In this months issue of ralph they interviewed Damien Martyn from the Australian Cricket team and Boxer Ricky Thornberry. Damien Martyn is asked about different stuff he has achieved in the past couple of years and Ricky Thornberry is interviewed about the different types of injuries he has picked up in his career. Both cricket and boxing are two very different sports but are loved by men all over Australia.
             Advertising in the ralph magazine varies from the latest motorbike you can buy to the new football video that can be purchased. This is different to women's magazines where they advertise fashion and make-up.

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