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The Pigman

            In this essay I will be discussing weather or not the characters in this novel are credible or not, how credible do I think the resolution of the conflict? And how would I re-write the plot to make it more credible.
             Firstly I don't think that the characters in this novel are very credible. To start with, in this day and age the younger generation aren't really into spending much time with the elder generation, they don't like to hangout with the elder generation and I"m pretty sure they wouldn't volunteer to go to the Zoo with the older people. Also take John for example the way that he drinks and smokes. Your parents wouldn't just let you sit there and drink and smoke in front of them. John said in the book "My old lady would just be worried about the smoke burning a whole in the lounge room rug". Now that wouldn't just happen especially at like the age of 14.
             On the other side of the argument, all people aren't the same. Some may like to spend time with the older people, such as there grandparents. Sometimes they might go around and visit their grandparents maybe they don't hang out with them but they do visit them.
             Therefore with the reasons that I have listed I believe that the characters in this book aren't really that credible.
             This part of the discussion is about how credible I think the resolution of the conflict is?.
             Firstly the section that I feel that is least credible is the part where as soon as The Pigman finds out that Bobo had died he just drops dead just like that. "Bobo died last week" said the attendant (page 133). "I saw the Pigman open his mouth, and then his hands started to shake. He went to grab hold of the railing, but let out a tiny cry almost like a puppy that had been stepped on by accident. " Mr Pignati was dead" (page 134). You can't just die like that, I mean you might get a bit pale and may not eat for a few days but its not enough to make someone die. The other part that I don't think is really credible is how he forgives them just like that.

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