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The Pigman

             The Pigman's house, Franklin High School, and the zoo.
             Lorraine - One of the authors of the book.
             Pignati is a 58 year old man the befriends John and Lorraine.
             Bobo- A monkey at the zoo that Mr.Pignati visits every day.
             Conchetta- The Pigman's dead wife.
             Dennis and Norton - Friends of John and Lorraine's.
             This book was told by two high school students named John and Lorraine who wanted to write a memorial epic about their encounter with Mr.Pignati, the Pigman. One day John, Lorraine, Norton, and Dennis were playing a game where they close their eyes and pick a number at random out of the phone book to see how long they could keep the person on the line. Lorraine happened to pick Mr.Pignati and she said that she was from the L&J Fund and asked for donations. The Pigman said okay and they had to go to his house the next day to collect the money.
             When they got there, the Pigman was lonely and wanted someone to talk to. Lorraine and John talked to the man and he showed them his house. He asked the two if they would like to go to the zoo the following day because he goes to the zoo everyday. So they did and he fed peanuts to a monkey named Bobo everyday. The Pigman told Lorraine and John that his wife loved jokes and he always told them many jokes that his wife had like.
             Soon Lorraine and John became very good friends with the Pigman. He took them to the store and bought them roller skates and fancy food. He got them anything they wanted. Lorraine and John started going over to the Pigman's house everyday. One day, however, the Pigman was not feeling well and was very depressed. Lorraine and John tried to cheer him up by playing games and then they put on their roller skates. The Pigman had a heart attack from the skating and had to be put in the hospital. He told John and Lorraine to make themselves at home, which is exactly what they did.
             John and Lorraine had a party at the Pigman's house while he was in the hospital.

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