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The Pigman

            I have recently read a book called The Pigman. Two of the main characters throughout the book are John and Lorraine. .
             In this book John and Lorraine have a lot of differences, however they also have some similarities. One of these similarities is that they both care for the pigman a lot. The pigman is not the only character for which they care. Throughout the book it is quite obvious that they care for and love each other. However, neither one wants to admit this fact. Throughout the book Lorraine tries to convince John to stop drinking and smoking by saying that it is bad for him and will eventually kill him. This proves ineffective most likely because he knows the habits are bad for him but he does not care (178). .
             Aside from the obvious difference of being boy and girl, Lorraine and John have other differences. Lorraine perceives she is ugly because others tell her so. John has a positive perception of his outer appearance, as expressed by other characters in the book. .
             John has many bad habits such as cursing, drinking, smoking (5). On the other hand, Lorraine does not have any of these bad habits. She verbalizes her opposition to these habits throughout the book (5).
             The last thing I noticed was that John is mostly a troublemaker at school (1,2). Lorraine on the other hand does not seem to get in trouble.
             These are just the main similarities and differences that I found in the book. If you are interested in knowing more about john Loraine and the other characters in the book you should read it.

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