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Civil War

             The American Civil War.
             Jack Ellyatt, part of the Union Army, lay peacefully on the hard rocks of Cemetery Hill. He.
             was grateful for a chance to sleep after a hard day of fighting the attack on Chancellorsville the.
             day before. He looked back at the tired and frail men sleeping and waiting for the next step in the.
             Civil War. Ellyatt turned back and saw them, the "Southrons." They were coming, and he knew.
             it would be a hard day at Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg was the biggest and most .
             life-taking battle in the entire Civil War.
             The new nation's Civil War wasn't brought on to fight for a certain government, as most.
             were at this time, but to fight for a conflict so harsh it took the lives of more than 300,000 men,.
             women, and children. This war was fought for the freedom of slaves and to keep the nation.
             together. The northern states, known as the Union fought for "no slaves." The southern states,.
             called the Confederacy, fought to keep slavery and spread it to the whole country. This war is.
             also known as the War of Rebellion, the War Between States, and the War of Secession.
             The North was not as conscious as the South differences between the two on ideals of.
             slavery. Although the Union did have slavery, they were known as "wage" slaves. These.
             "slaves" worked long hours for very low pay. As for the Confederates they did own "free" slaves.
             and worked them for as long and as hard as they pleased. Northern society found slavery.
             intolerable. Although some wanted just to avoid expanding slavery into Northern states, most.
             wanted complete slave abolition. Southern society thought everything was perfect and they.
             owned more slaves than the North. These differences made it hard for cooperation between the.
             North and the South.
             As sectionalism grew it became harder to make a "more perfect union"(Americana, 782) as.
             our founding fathers wanted. Neither the Whigs (Republicans) nor the Democrats wanted to be.

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