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What Are the Effects and Benefits from Drinking Wine?

            What are the effects and benefits from consuming moderate amount of red wine on a regular basis?.
             The Wine Institute of California has decided to make a proposal to the federal government to pass a law ( "Heard it" 70). This law would allow wine producers to add a small section on the label telling their customers about the positive effects of drinking wine. We all have probably heard of the famous saying by the French, who statistically have a very low rate of heart disease, that a glass of red wine a day keeps doctor away. According to a book called The French Paradox, red wine is believed to have a substance that could potentially help fight heart disease ("Heard it" 70). .
             The dangers of excessive alcohol intake are well known, however, intriguing data on possible beneficial effects of moderate alcohol consumption on the risk of cardiovascular disease continue to accumulate. Statistics show that death by coronary heart disease is more likely to occur among people who choose not to drink. On the other end of the spectrum we see cancer as the biggest threat among heavy drinkers (Gronbaek 292). Scientific evidences even suggest that moderate drinkers seem to have low chance of facing heart problems compared to those who are heavy drinkers and those who do not drink at all. .
             The main question is should nondrinkers start for these reasons? According to a 10 year study done by Kaiser Permanence Medical Center in Oakland, California, people who had one or two glasses of red wine a day were 80 percent less likely to die from coronary heart disease than those who did not drink at all. This study by Kaiser provides some of the most convincing evidences that shows that moderate consumption of wine is a key to living healthy. In our society, coronary disease claims more lives than all the possible risks of moderate drinking combined. And moderate drinking reduces the risk of coronary disease more considerably than it increases the risk of any alcohol-related problem.

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