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Legalizing Illegal Drugs

            There are relative arguments for both sides of the topic regarding decriminalizing illicit drug use. I do not agree with any of the arguments for its legalization. The conviction I have in my heart tells me that it is just plain wrong. There are victims in every aspect of drug use, whether you are the user, seller, maker, or just a concerned loved one who has to sit back and watch it happen.
             If illicit drug use was legalized it would definitely have an impact upon our prison population. Currently large majorities of people that are incarcerated in our jails are there because of a drug related charge. Legalizing the use and sales of drugs would mean less crowding in jails. The affects of this would trickle down to the taxpayer and our tax funded programs. With fewer tax dollars going towards the Drug Enforcement Agency, law enforcement, and court systems, programs such as after school sports and performing arts centers would be better funded. I find that people who use this argument have not looked at the bigger picture. These scenarios are just a little bit humorous and far-fetched. As we all know Uncle Sam surely would not let the legalization of illicit drugs go without of hefty tax and a governing agency to monitor the sales and distribution. People like me would argue that while there may be fewer tax dollars going towards our legal system, the amount going towards substance abuse and rehab programs would be substantially greater. My opposition would try and sell people on the job markets that would be created. Everything from the physicians and psychologist needed to run the rehab programs to the laborers working in the fields and the chemist cooking up batches of legal products. While they are seeing dollar signs, I would be seeing a society turning further and further away from what our country was founded on, God.
             I believe that even if drugs were legalized I would still have a very hard time accepting people around me being under the influence.

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