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            " How far do you agree with Bismarck's opinion of the period 1815-48?.
             I disagree with Bismarck's opinion totally as many things took place during this time which led to the spread to Nationalism and then on to a united Germany. Many things happened between 1815 to 1848, Cultural Nationalism for instance occurred in the Educated German society who had been to university, although there was only a small amount this still meant that "Germany" had begun to consider Liberalism and Nationalism. The Revolutions and the Zollverein also played a big part in encouraging nationalism. .
             The thought of Nationalism first came about before 1815 as In 1792 France conquered "Germany" and instead of going in and taking over France decided to provide, "fraternity and assistance" to all who wanted liberty. Napoleon, the French Emperor, reorganised "Germany" from around 300 small states into about 30 much larger states to protect France from her enemy Russia and also so that "Germany" was much easier to manage. The sixteen smallest states were on the border of Russia so that France would be protected, there sixteen states were called the "Confederation of the Rhine". Although "Germany" had a bit more independence than before when they were ruled be Germans they were still being controlled by France in not being allowed to trade with Britain and having to provide soldiers for the French army. The German people did not like this and so thoughts of nationalism and liberalism were spread as France was their new enemy. Therefore "the French spread Liberalism by intention but created Nationalism by inadvertence.".
             This brings us to 1815, when the "Confederation of the Rhine" was renamed the "German Confederation". This was set up for "the maintenance of the external and internal safety of Germany and of the independence of the individual German states." This was the start of the rejection of Nationalism and Liberalism be rulers who tried to stop anything to do with these as their power would be taken away from them.

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