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Musics Influence on Youth

            Music is a past time, a hobby, and a passion. To claim that music can influence a healthy and normal teenager's behavior is ludicrous. An individual with "all his/her screws" in the right place cannot just listen to music and let it negatively affect their behavior. Music is powerful. It can make you feel romantic, angry, hopeless, and so on, but music cannot make you a violent person. .
             Some of the top students in our school listen to questionable quality music artists. Leila and Sara, juniors at Union Hill High School, are honor students and take part in many school and community activities. When asked, their favorite music artist is Eminem. As many people know, Eminem's music is of controversial nature and is the topic of many debates. His lyrics are violent, masochistic, and generally negative. The twin's favorite song is "The Way I Am". Here is an excerpt of the lyrics:.
             I don't know you and no, .
             I don't owe you a mo-therf*ck-in thing.
             I'm not Mr. N'Sync, I'm not what your friends think.
             I'm not Mr. Friendly, I can be a prick.
             if you tempt me my tank is on empty (is on empty).
             No patience is in me and if you offend me .
             I'm liftin you 10 feet (liftin you 10 feet). in the air .
             I don't care who is there and who saw me just jaw you.
             The twins, Leila and Sara, listen to music similar to this on a regular basis. If you were to meet these individuals, you would know that they are anything but violent in nature. Personally, I've never even heard them curse. They continue to excel in school and remain sociable people. .
             One could listen to a romantic song, and feel "lovey-dovey". If you"re angry, you can listen to a song angry in nature and be fueled by it. I listen to Linkin Park when I"m angry, and it only makes me angrier. When I"m in a great mood, I want to listen to upbeat, happy music because it coincides with my mood. If I"m sad, I"ll listen to softer more melancholy tunes. Music can affect your mood, but not your actions.

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