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             In this day and age, society has many things to worry about. From gang violence to automotive theft, many citizens can not keep their minds at ease. But a very interesting question has come about, does society need protection from former, although possibly reformed, offenders or the protection of individual rights from energetic and possibly unforgiving police officers? I think that the answer is simple, society must be protected from former offenders. Reformed or not, these individuals were once the bottom feeders of our community and were capable of committing a crime. What makes anyone think that they are not capable of doing it again. Police officers that do go forth in those acts mentioned, are no threat to our way of living.
             Although police officers do not have the same prestige that they once had due to a number of bad seeds, repeat offenders obviously out number them. I think that the strategy in finding out what society needs more protection from is in the numbers. I the past years 44.4% of criminals have become repeat offenders, as stated by Sgt. Tim Tarkowski. Can you imagine that is not counting the individuals that commit several crimes and don"t get caught, those are also considered repeat offenders. While police officers who are referred to as energetic and unforgiving and actually practice this are in small numbers, while there are a certain number of officers that commit this act due to the stress of the day. Also, what harm can those police officers do. Yes, they can regret to use discretions but, they won"t kill a love one or steal something that belongs to us.
             In conclusion, I think that the answer to whether society needs protection from former offenders or protection of individual rights from energetic and unforgiving police officers is simply. Society nowadays is suffering from crime in numbers and that must be fixed. Citizens must know that they have protection from repeat offenders.

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