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George Lucas: Revolutioninzing the Special Effects Industry

             You often sit down to make a car that is cheap, or a piece of furniture .
             that will only last for a couple years, but nobody ever sits down and .
             says Hey let's make a bad movie!' (McCallum 10).
             George Lucas and special effects are synonymous. A movie without special effects would .
             not be a movie. Special effects are meant to grab people's attention and keep them at the edge of .
             their seats the whole time, making them feel that they are in the middle of the movie, an active part.
             The Academy Awards were never and incentive; the salary was an.
             incentive. I am here for the same reason now as when I got here: a.
             yearning to fulfill a vision. (Muren 59).
             George Lucas has accomplished this. The special effects that Lucas has pioneered has.
             changed all movies and inspired many like Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Ghostbusters and the Indiana Jones Trilogy. With Star Wars Lucas has changed the way we watch movies by developing new technology and new ways to present ideas with visual impact. Lucas's technological innovations are used industry wide and are essential to film. .
             Growing up Lucas was not interested in movies at all. He would rather be reading a book or dreaming about race-cars. When Lucas, was old enough, he was eager to get his drivers license, but soon after he did, he came very close to death in a car accident. After living through this life altering experience, he turned to philosophy, history and sociology. In his study of history he saw a reoccurring pattern through it, an epic engagement: GOOD versus EVIL. In his studies, he saw another theme, which he made evident in his films: the transition from father to son, how a boy one day will take over what his father has created (Baxter 41). Lucas saw this in his own life. His father had built a successful paper business and planned for him to take it over one day and be successful with it. Lucas had other ideas. He saw himself creating motion pictures.

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