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The Team of the Century

             Why are the New York Yankees called "The Team of the Century"?.
             The New York Yankees are the best major league team in baseball history. No other team has won more World Series titles, has carried the time-honored tradition or has had the outstanding individual and team play as "The Bronx Bombers".
             The New York Yankees are the only major league baseball team to win more than nine World Series championships. The twenty-six world titles are proof that the Yankees are champions of the baseball world. The Saint Louis Cardinals, with nine series championships, are the only other team with more than five titles. Twenty-six world titles exceed more championships earned by a team in any major league sport, including basketball, football, baseball and hockey. .
             The time honored tradition of the Yankees began in 1921 when New York acquired Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox. In his first season with New York, the new acquisition raised his home run record to a staggering fifty-nine. His runs batted in (RBI) total shot to one hundred and seventy-one and his batting average rose to three seventy-eight. After coming off of a third place American League finish, along with their new star player, the Yankees were on their way to their first American League pennant and World Series appearance.
             In 1923 the Yankees won their first title. Behind the legendary player Babe Ruth, the team began what is now known as "The Yankee Dynasty". It was inning five of game three of the 1932 World Series and Babe Ruth was up to bat. Chicago Cubs fans heckled the New York home run hitter who had two strikes against him. In what was to be one of the most defining moments in major league baseball, Babe pointed to .
             the stands over center field, as if to call the shot that he would send to that spot seconds later.

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