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Diversity In Team Members

            Dealing with diversity and individual differences within teams may have positive or a negative impact. The diversity within our study group has proven to us that differences do exist within teams such as; Ethnicity, Age, Gender, and Personality traits that leads to effective and ineffective productivity.
             The diversity of our team members is based on one Armenian male in his 20's, a Korean female in her 40's, and a Portuguese female in her 40's. This example illustrates the notion of perception, as individuals with different upbringing, various types of experiences such as age, and personality traits. However, diversity within our teams helps us in dealing with our differences which can impact on how effectiveness or ineffectiveness our productivity may be. The factors that contribute to perceptual differences and the perceptual process among team members are dealing with conflict of differences. For example: age differences; we feel that maturity comes with age and life experiences. Nevertheless, stereotypes of an older person looking at a younger person, tends to minimize the experience of the younger person comparing to an older person.
             Differences between the personality traits such as in a male is agreeable, extravert, and open-minded. Two of the females are assertive, conscientious, and extravert as well. Some of these personality traits can impact on team effectiveness and ineffectiveness within group performance. For instance, the male who is a carefree and calm would be easily persuaded on making decisions. On the other hand, the two females may dispute as both being assertive and that they may not compromise in decision, or become conscientious about an outcome of a result that which may be serious the end. .
             Cultural diversity is the degree to which the population is made up of people from different .
             ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. It is a shared system of symbols, beliefs, attitudes, values, expectations, and behavior.

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