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             Personally I feel that censorship is a very difficult topic to discuss. There are several views on it and everyone has their own opinion on what should and should not be censored, but there are limits that have to be drawn. One major issue is nude pictures on the internet. Much of the nudity online is meant to stimulate you sexualy in some way. While I feel it is offensive, there are several people who think of it as entertainment. A large amount of people out there, search online for things like this on a regular basis. And on the other hand, some nudity out there is considered art and its purpose is not to be interpreted in a sexual manner. An example of this is drawings or sculptures of humans in galleries, which most likely have some sort of meaning to the artist. But again, what one person thinks is art; another person finds it offensive and considers pornography, so where can you draw the line to make a decision without offending someone. Another issue is child pornography. Personally I feel that there is absolutely no reason to expose children to this or have them experience anything like it as a child. It has one purpose and that is to be sexual. Just like Susan Jacoby said in "A First Amendment Junkie," kiddy porn is an abuse of power by adults and the adult should be punished. In no way is child pornography morally right, and it is one thing that should be completely censored. But just like anything, I have my opinion on these issues and other people have their own opinions, so how can a decision be made?.

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