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Teen Success

             Teen Success is a program for teen mothers under the age of 18 years old. There are some requirements in order to participate in this program. During this time the participants will learn a variety of different skills. Teen Success offers great opportunities and learning tools for teen mother.
             The purpose of the program is to delay another pregnancy, so they could finish High school. It also helps to encourage them to pursue higher education to provide a better future for their children. They will also be provided with many resources that are available to them, to help them out throughout their picks and valleys.
             The requirements to participate and stay in Teen Success are the following. The participants must attend a workshop once a week, which totals to 52 weeks to complete the program. They cannot miss more than four times in a row. They most definitely cannot get pregnant during the next 52 weeks. If they get pregnant they are out of the program for good. They must participate in the weekly activity. Teen Success is only offered to girls who are teen moms or pregnant under the age of 18.
             This program is designed to reduce teen pregnancy. As well as to educate those who are already teen moms. But most of all to give these girls another change to make their dreams come true, which is to finish their education. They will learn many different skills, which they will need throughout their lifetime. They will also have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers on different topics, for example, domestic violence, family law, child support services, and financial aid. .
             This is what their schedule looks like every Thursday when they meet. They are expected to be there before 4:00 p.m. and take their child to day-care; which is just across from the room where moms meet. That way incase there is problems with the child, mom is just walking distance away. Then, they star a group by sharing one-up and one down, one good or bad thing that happens throughout the week.

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