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My Uncle Jay

            My uncle has been there for me since the day that I came into the world. He's been there for me and my family through thick and thin and has been there for me when I was going through some troubles either with my family, school, friends, etc. I would say I"m closer to my uncle then the rest of my family because he listens to what I say, never buts in to have his say he just sits there listens carefully and when I"m finished of what I have to say then he tells me what he thinks and what he could do to help. My parents are somewhat different. I mean they know what I am going through but they don't understand my needs and the way I act. They always say no and give me explanations that I just don't understand and other times they don't give me an explanation at all just no and that's it.
             I can tell that my Uncle Jay loves my mom, and that my mom loves my uncle. Who wouldn't? They've been through so much together with the death of both parents (my grandparents) at very young ages, my mom marrying a Jewish man (they were catholic) smoking, etc. They've been through so much and they get closer and closer. Uncle Jay didn't accept that my mom married a Jewish man and changed her religion but soon after he just let it go and learned to accept it. My mom's dad died at 52 because he was an alcoholic and never lived to see my mom's wedding, and my uncle didn't want to walk her down either so my dad's brother or father (I can't remember) had to walk her down the aisle which was very sad. Soon after my mom's mother died of Lung Cancer (I remember it like it was yesterday) it was very upsetting. Even though we live far away from our family, we still make time to visit or talk to them every once in awhile which I love.
             My uncle is a priest which is really cool. He does so much to give back to the community and I respect him for that. A couple years ago my uncle was very depressed (we have a history of depression in our family) and he was sent to this psychiatric hospital where we went to see him.

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