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             One of the most talked about issues to arise from the National Basketball .
             Association is the number of high school basketball players skipping college to go .
             straight to the NBA. The media and critics have been reporting on the troubles of this .
             situation, since Kevin Garnett made skipping college for the big bucks a yearly tradition .
             in 1995 (Abrahams). The number of high school teenagers entering the league has grown .
             every year since Garnett, was the only one in 1995. Fans, the media, and critics alike .
             have mixed opinions on the subject. Some feel that bringing in these younger players will .
             make the league more exciting, others feel that most of these youngplayers are making a .
             mistake and should go to college. High School basketball players, therefore, should be .
             allowed to skip college and go straight to the NBA without criticism or scrutiny. This .
             situation, however, is no different than a regular person skipping college to work a full .
             time job.
             Many veterans of today believe that sports is a luxury and education is the most .
             important priority when your young. When these teenagers skip college they neglect to .
             receive a degree to fall back on in case of an injury. In doing so, a career ending injury .
             would leave a young teenager with little education and a future that will look tough from .
             a distance. Though the preceding remarks are very true and eye opening, their still is little .
             chance these young players will have a career ending injury. Furthermore, if an injury .
             does occur, more than likely the teenager will have already spent some years playing, .
             making his bank account more than satisfying. Usually the odds on this gamble will .
             benefit the young player more than it will go against him.
             In recent years the NBA has expanded its regular season to 82 games (including .
             the playoffs). With this long grueling schedule, its tough for some veteran players to stay .
             healthy and make it through the season.

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