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             NBA or college, what is more important to the rising star coming out of high school? Basketball players coming out of high school have a very intriguing decision to make whether to go to college and receive an education or go to the NBA and receive million dollar contracts. There may be as many as five NBA prospects coming out of high school that will be taken in this year's NBA Draft, and all of them are expected to be some of the top picks in the first round. With the possibilities of freak injuries between now and the signing of their contracts, all of them will become instant millionaires. It's the American Dream, to become the a professional basketball player or maybe the next Michael Jordan. But quite a few people these days are arguing that high school players should be left out of the draft process. .
             Who wants to argue against the big-time, the flash and cash of an NBA career? Well for many people that work in the NBA say that, "No high school player belongs in the NBA." Blake and some other NBA personnel feel that any kid out of high school will not have the body type and psychological strength needed for the around the clock physical and mental pounding of the pros. .
             Although the multi-million dollar contracts are tempting the main reason great high school players are going to college is to receive a college degree. The average NBA career, when you factor everything in, is three years long; that won't help you in the long run the way a college degree will. It's the old "give a man a fish" argument written large: college scholarships help you go to college and learn things that you might not ever learn otherwise. College prepares you for a life beyond of sports, and, hopefully, teaches you that there are other things that are just as important. A well-read, well-rounded person is going to be a better asset to the world, and a better basketball player. If you don't believe me, ask Phil Jackson, coach of the LA Lakers, who hands out literary works to his players.

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