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             Leroy Robert Paige was born in Mobile, Alabama. It is estimated that he was born on July 7, 1906, but no one really knows. When asked about his age he would say, "Age us a question of mind over matter. If you don"t mind, it doesn"t matter." He was six foot three inches and weighed 180 pounds. He was right-handed and was a pitcher. He started his career 1924 when he tried out for the Mobile Tigers, a semipro baseball. He would later become the greatest pitcher in the Negro Leagues in history. He had such feats as 64 consecutive scoreless innings, a stretch of 21 straight, and a 31-4 record in 1933. When the leagues were off in the winter he would go to the Caribbean leagues and pitch for them. He was in the semipro league for 22 years before he obtained a better position in the major leagues. In 1948 he was offered a big league contract for the Cleveland Indians when they needed extra pitching for the pennant race. He also played for St. Louis and Kansas City. Satchel holds the record for being the oldest rookie to play major league baseball. The entire time he was in the major leagues, he was over 40 years old. He retired in 1953, but in 1965 he made a special appearance and pitched three innings for the Kansas City Athletics and became the oldest man to pitch in a major league game. He was 59 at the time. In 1971 he was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame as the first player elected from the Negro Leagues. Satchel died on June 8, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of 76. All in all, his career lasted from 1924 to 1950 (a total of 26 years). Minor League teams he played for were: the Birmingham Black Barons, Baltimore Black sox, Cleveland Cubs, Pittsburgh Crawfords, Kansas City Monarchs, New York Black Yankees, Memphis Red Sox, and the Philadelphia Stars.

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