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Fault of Failure of Animal Farm

            Who's Fault was The Ultimate Failure of the Revolution?-Animal Farm.
             The failure of the revolution in Animal Farm was brought on by a number of factors. Looking without depth one may contribute the failure of the revolution to the greediness of the tyrant Napoleon, whereas, looking in depth we can see that the failure of the revolution was the fault of nearly everyone and everything, in this essay I will explore the characters and their contribution to the failure of the revolution.
             The first character that we notice is Old Major. His speech at the beginning immediately told me that the revolution would end in failure for a number of reasons. Firstly he described his "dream" of a perfect land, a utopia and he implants these ideas into the minds of the animals. These animals are portrayed as humans and as humans one may realise that dreams do not come true, due to human nature-we are greedy, selfish and easily corrupted and so we get the feeling that the revolution will fail.
             In that same meeting we hear of a few dogs trying to catch four rats showing that it was also their nature in that equality between animals does not exist. .
             One of the most memorable signs that the revolution is destined to fail is when, just after the rebellion Napoleon, the future tyrannical dictator and large Berkshire boar, steals a bucket of fresh milk instead of sharing it with the other animals. Napoleon is the representation of Stalin, showing all his characteristics. He slowly but surely becomes corrupted by the position of his power and takes advantage of his opportunities against the spirit of animalism. He exiles Snowball and maintains power through the force of his dogs which he "privately educated." Squealer is of huge importance to Napoleon in his propaganda and persuasion. Napoleon also contributes by him breaking every commandment that was put up slowly. He trains his bodyguards, the dogs at a young age for his own protection showing his selfish thoughts starting at the beginning just after the rebellion.

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