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Homosexuality and Christiananity

             The discussion of the rights of gays and the homosexual lifestyle in America is based on the religion one believes in , personal morals, or views in life. Strong arguments come from both sides arguing weather if the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable in today's society, and if gays should enjoy all the same rights as regular people do. For most Christians, in the Bible God demonstrates his dislike for the homosexuals, and we use that as our main reason for the argument for being gay. Homosexuals are also human beings and deserve most of the rights everyone else has. Where do we (America) decide to draw the line and put limits on homosexuality, or do we just let American good values go and let it become a new moral value in our country? Every one in order to make this decision needs to be well informed about homosexuality and to see the real truth about it, needs to hear what God and His word says about it; and that is our duty as Christians is to inform those who need it and spread Gods word. .
             Should gays, homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else living in America?.
             This question brings a good discussion on where we should draw the line for rights of homosexuals. If they do not get all the same rights as everyone else does, this does not mean they will be treated like animals or just scum, but will not be able to do things regular couples can. For an example the rights for marriage in America for gays are very restricted, in fact banned. Same-sex couples are currently denied the right to legally marry anywhere in the United States. In Vermont, homosexual couples can have civil unions, .
             which give many of the benefits of marriage to couples who are residents. All the unions are not recognized outside of the state Vermont. Most of America wants to keep marriage the way it was created to be and that is between a man and a woman.

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