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The Internet

             Do I feel that this is a good program? Why or why not?.
             The internet is used for many things for instance, to shop, to research, to download, to communicate and much, much more. If you need to buy something and it's late, you can shop online. Sometimes it's on sale because your online. If you have a report or an essay you can research information on the internet. You can download music online if you don't want to buy the CD. You can also chat and meet new people, find out how people in the world are. This is what the internet is used for.
             2.What kind of program is it?.
             The internet has many different companies for example internet explorer, america online, juno, net zero and many more. Internet Explorer is a Microsoft program. The person in charge of Microsoft is Bill Gates. When I say what kind of program I mean the company they work for, who they work for, ect. I don't know what the other companies work for but it's like Microsoft for internet explorer, hello kitty works for sanrio and so forth.
             3. Who invented the internet?.
             The internet was invented in the United States in the 1960's by Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). It first started being used in California. The first program was called APRANET. This program grew in the 1970's This is some history on the internet.
             4. Do I feel that this is a good program why or why not?.
             In my opinion, this is an excellent program because people learn about technology. People can learn to communicate with other races and cultures. You may even learn by chatting with someone. Also, it's useful if you don't want to go to the library and you have a project due. On the other hand, if you use your telephone to connect the computer to, you won't receive any calls. This is what I think about the internet.
             5. Conclusion.
             In conclusion, the internet is useful for many people and can even save somebody from failing a class, this is why I think this program is excellent.

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