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Effects of 9/11

            The effects of terrorist attacks on 9/11 have been devastating to the city of Mclean, Virginia. It has opened the eyes of billions of people and made them realize that the world they live in is not so peaceful anymore. The attacks have pierced the nation's security and have dramatically changed lifestyles of its people. Life before the terrorist attacks was more peaceful and secure. The aftermath effects left on people and their lives is very painful and distressing as lives were capsized, fear of security was heightened intensely, and post-9/11 trauma was born all over the nation.
             Life before the terrorist attacks for most people of Mclean was peaceful and normal. People went to work everyday and kids went to school feeling safe and out of harm's way. Gas prices were low and stayed at a steady rate. Airport security was minimal, people only had to walk and put their bags through metal detectors and scanners. Unless thought to be suspicious by reasonable cause, most people were never checked individually and searched all over. Moreover, fear of flying was nearly nonexistent and airplane crashes was a rarity to begin with. Life in general was ordinary and habitual.
             After the attacks of 9/11, the lives of billions of people were radically changed. Feelings of insecurity have intensified and people have become more worrisome. Airport security is at an all-time high. People are checked and rechecked over and over. Bags are scanned and searched. Airport check in time has been increased in order to undergo the security checks. Many people take ground transportation over air from fear of terrorist and feelings of insecurity. Racism towards people from the Middle East have augmented and amplified. Middle Easters are treated disrespectfully and unfairly in many situations in which they shouldn"t because they are not the ones who caused the disaster of 9/11. Overall, lives were diverted from the norm and for most people will never be the same.

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