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Human Rights Abuses

            In the world today, the existence of human rights abuses still continues to exist. These human rights abuses are salient issues that, in some parts of the world, are not appropriately treated.
             The country Haiti carries the tradition of child-slavery. Restavek, "to stay with", is the name given to the estimated 300,000 child slaves in Haiti. However, child-slavery is not only confined within that country, as the detection of restaveks in the Haitian-American community in Miami has become stronger in the last few years. Most Restaveks work in terrible conditions - up to 18 hour days, which include cooking, cleaning and many, are sexually abused. However, many "host" families think they are doing a positive thing for the children, "What we've done is help her", speaks Michelle Dornevel who "hosted" a child-slave who was made to work extremely hard doing very dirty jobs. The U.S. is working to stop traditions like child-slavery flourish in America. Finally Haitians are starting to learn that slavery does not belong the United Stares of America.
             Approximately 10,000 young Nepali girls are annually sold to brothels in Indian cities. The consequence of this flow of Nepali girls into Indian whorehouses is a backwash of "Bombay Disease" - AIDS - starting to hit the Himalayas as the girls are rejected from the brothels after the develop the obvious signs of the disease. "India's soiled goods" can be seen crawling back to die in their Nepali mountain villages. Most girls are sold or tricked into the Indian sex trade. A prostitute can make between $200 and $600, depending on her beauty, however, the drugs offered to developing countries for AIDS are far too expensive for these children. The girls are given terrible treatment. There are more than 70,000 girls crammed into rooms in Bombay's Kamatupura brothel district. Condoms are rarely used, and girls must have sex up to three times a day. There is not much hope for the many young girls returning to their home villages in Nepal with "Bombay Disease".

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