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Unethical Business

            Simon Marketing is a marketing company that has ran promotional campaigns for many different companies such as Philip Morris, Coke, and McDonald's. The director of security for Simon marketing was Jerome Jacobson until August 21, 2001. On that day the FBI made its move on Jacobson. They arrested him for stealing the high value game pieces from McDonalds Monopoly and Who Wants to be a Millionaire games from 1989 to 2001. The first piece he stole was in 1989 worth $25,000. After stealing the game pieces he gave them to family and friends who recruited other people to cash them in. The family and friends recruited people saying that the real winner was going through a divorce and didn"t want their spouse to get any. .
             Since the first arrest in 1989 there have been 51 other people indicted in the scam. Jacobson the mastermind behind it all has already been convicted of the crimes and has been ordered to pay $13.4 million in restitution. He also faces $750,000 in fines and three years of prison time. .
             Simon Marketing has lost the $500 million dollars a year worth of business from McDonald's, and more than 200 people have lost their jobs. On August 21,2001 when The FBI made its first arrest Simon marketing's stock price was $3.05 per share. On the next day august 22, 2001 the stock price dropped over 2 dollars to $0.70 per share. As of January 15 the stock was trading at $0.08 per share.
             According to the Law Offices of Shawn Khorrami, the Khorrami has filed a class action suite against McDonald's and Simon Marketing. The suite is on the behalf of the McDonalds customers who spent million of dollars on food trying to win these games. Millions of people have been defrauded in this incident due to corporate negligence.
             Behind all of this there is one man Jerome Jacobson, his illegal and unethical practices have cheated millions of consumers. He has cost many people their jobs and if things don"t change Simon Marketing could go under.

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