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The Car Accident

            When I hit the ground I was thinking I was going to hospital. We all have many challenges in our lives. Some of these challenges vary from person to person and also from the types of challenges. My biggest challenge was the one that affected my life in many ways, and this was recovering from a car accident.
             Let me explain the events that led up to the accident. My friends and I had been videotaping little clips for a movie when we grew bored and started taping stupid stuff. Some of my friends who couldn't skateboard tried to do complicated tricks, riding baskets down stairs, and chair jousting. We had fun doing this for a while but we wanted some more thrilling acts of stupidity to tape. We decide to box against people that were twice our size. I hadn't done much that night and I really wanted to do something big that everyone would remember, and believe me they did. We were all gathered in a circle discussing what we were going to do next when three of my friends had to leave. They jumped in one of their cars and this is where I saw my opportunity. .
             I left the circle without anyone noticing and I hopped on the back of their car. My knees rested on the back bumper and my fingers in the gap between the window and the trunk. I figured that the driver of the car saw me on the back but to my surprise he had no idea I was on his car. The driver began to pull away and I was having the time of my life. The car then began to pick up speed, and about this time Aaron had noticed me and told everyone else to look at me go. They all were standing there cheering for me, but I was scared out of my mind because the car was still accelerating. Finally I made up my mind to let go of the car once it had reached about 35 mph and did it hurt. I hit the asphalt face first and slid for about 10 feet before I stopped. When I hit I knew I was going to the hospital. .
             After I had stopped and was trying to stand up I noticed that the cheering had stopped and I heard people running towards me and yelling at me to see if I was okay.

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