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The Car Accident

             Have you ever been in a car accident before? I have. Let me tell you about the car accident that i was in.
             My step mom Kristy, my little sister Alison, and I were in our mini van driving to my Aunt Julie's house. It was a cold and partly sunny Sunday. Alison was only about one year old and she was getting hungry so i took a bottle of milk out of the diaper bag. I held the bottle in her mouth until she started to hold it by herself. .
             All of the sudden we felt a huge bump from our car. Alison started to cry. I unbuckled my seatbelt and then I hugged her to show her that she was not hurt and that she was fine. Kristy got out of the car and took Alison out of her car seat. After they got out I got out through the front. Then after everyone was out of the car I got Alison her blanket because it was getting chilly.
             We turned around and looked at our car. It had only a dent the size of a dime and mabe a scratch or two. We looked at the other car behind us and it was so smashed in the front that it looked like you probably could not even put the key in the ignition.
             Next thing i know, two police cars, one fire truck, and two ambulances came to the accident. It was very heart pumping. I went over to Alison and Kristy to hug them, I was glad that we were alright. At first i thought that we should have sued because my neck hurt a lot, but when I saw that other car, there was no doubt in my mind that we should not sue.
             We looked at the girls from the other car they were holding their chests and said that it was hard to breathe because of the airbag. Once everyone left, we went over to the people that were from the other car, and told them that we were gald that they were alright.
             After we talked to them for bout five minutes, we continued our journey to my Aunt Julie's house. We only wanted to go over there to get their mail while they were on vacation in Florida. When we got the mail we got back into out silver mini van.

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