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Foods Role in Different Aspects of Sex

            There are many things that people use to enhance some of the aspects of sex. Food has several different roles in sex. Some of the factors that foods can play into are; sex appeal, fertility, foods use as an aphrodisiacs, and foods role in foreplay. I chose this subject mostly because of my interest in natural remedies such as food that can be used to heighten fertility chances and to also act as an aphrodisiac. Along with a decent amount of people I know, I also enjoy using food products during foreplay so this was a perfect opportunity to discuss something on which I have prior experience. For the most part, this was a good topic to discuss due to the ample amount information on the Internet about the many uses of food in the different aspects of sex. Unfortunately the extent of the information about the uses of food in the actual act of foreplay was limited. So, I used past experience and a brief survey of friends both male and female as a basis for this portion of my paper.
             One of the earliest aspects of sex that food was used in was probably fertility. The methods of using food to help boost the chance of a woman getting .
             pregnant have been used in many different countries for many different years. The early inhabitants of Europe, Asia, and the Americas primarily brought about these practices. The enhancement in fertility deals with both males and females. When talking about a male's fertility you are basically talking about the amount of active sperm in a man's semen. The amount of active sperm plays an important role in conception, the more sperm the higher the chances of impregnation. There are three foods that men can generally eat that may increase the amount of sperm and their mobility. The first food is oysters, they have shown that because of there abundant amount of zinc they help maintain a healthy blood and testosterone level which can lead to an increase in sperm production.

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