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             African American and the Hispanic American Cultures.
             The majority of the Hispanic American culture came to America looking for a better life and a better chance at making a living for their families. So the Hispanic came to America looking for hard work and more money. From the culture being so different and poor this made them the lower class. This also made it harder for Hispanics to get a good education and hard to get jobs. In a different aspect facts show that the divorce rate is very low in Hispanic American families. In the Hispanic culture the family life is very important. Studies have shown that less than sixty percent of Hispanic American household contain only the immediate family. It is a proven fact that because of such a strong family surrounding that only forty -two percent of Hispanic women engage in pre-marital sex. .
             One characteristic that is of paramount importance in most Hispanic cultures is family commitment, which involves loyalty, a strong support system, and a belief that a child's behavior reflects on the honor of the family, a hierarchical order among siblings, and a duty to care for family members. This strong sense of other-directedness conflicts with the United States' mainstream emphasis on individualism (Vasquez, 1990). Indeed, Hispanic culture's emphasis on cooperation in the attainment of goals can result in Hispanic students' discomfort with this nation's conventional classroom competition. Hispanic adolescents are more inclined than Anglo adolescents to adopt their parents' Hispanic adolescents are more inclined than Anglo adolescents to adopt their parents' commitment to religious and political beliefs, occupational preferences, and lifestyle (Black et al., 1991). Spirituality, the dignity of each individual, and respect for authority figures are valued throughout Hispanic culture. .
             I also found that in this culture that men appear to be more dominant but the women have a lot of say so in the family businesses, the home and with the children.

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