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How To Make peanut butter Bon Bons!!

            So you're probably wondering what the heck is a peanut butter bon bon? Well I'll tell you. A peanut butter bon bon is a sweet round little morsel that will simply melt in your mouth. .
             You may ask yourself, How am I, who can barely make toast, ever going to be able to make this dainty treat? Well have no fear; the recipe is quite simple. You need absolutely no past cooking skills. That is none except the ability to stir/, mix, and the simple math skills of measuring. Plus all the ingredients are normal everyday musts, no whack names that you can hardly pronounce, let alone have.
             So how about we begin. Start out gathering all your ingredients:.
              2 1/4 cups Creamy Peanut Butter.
              3 cups confections (powdered) sugar.
              1/2 stick unsalted softened butter/margarine.
              1 1/2 cups milk chocolate, melted ( optional).
             And all your utensils:.
              Measuring Cups.
              Big Bowel.
              Wooden Spoon, Spatula, whatever you want to stir with.
              Waxed paper.
              Cookie Sheet.
             Okay, now that we have gathered all our necessities, we can begin. In the large bowl, combine the 2 1/4-c. peanut butter, the 3-c. powdered sugar, and the 1/2 stick butter together. Mash and mix until it has the consistency of play dough. If too sticky add more powdered sugar, if to crumbly, add more butter. Form into balls, and put them on the wax papered cookie sheet. Next, put then in the fridge until they are hardened, or about 30 min. You can just stop now, and eat them but if you want an extra special treat, dip the bon bons into the melted chocolate, and set aside. Let the chocolate set before serving. Yields 32 balls.
             There, now you too know how to make scrumptious peanut butter bon bons. You will probably end up eating half the dough, and then eat the other half within an hour of being made and completed. I know it may be hard, but remember your manners and share with your friends, and family.

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