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             In his essay The Farce Called "Grading", Arthur E. Lean, the writer argues about the grading system. Grades have become a big part of our lives as students. People need a grading system since the beginning of their first years at school to their graduation date. In his essay Lean states the injustices and mistakes in the grading system but in spite of these injustices we should keep the grading system because this system encourages us to study more to have better grades. .
             Lean says that the grading system is unfair and also the graders are inconsistent in grading papers. I agree with Lean t that there are some inconsistencies from the graders and perhaps some unfairness occurred to many students. Lean points out the grades given by an English Department that varies from A to E (from excellent to fair) on identical papers. Although many teachers might say that point of view would not be graded, there is no guarantee that a teacher would not give a lower mark to a paper because s/he may disagree with some parts of the essay. Also, some teachers discriminate the students that they don"t like or don"t usually agree and give them lower marks. I think a teacher after all must be fair to all of the students as it is her/his job to be impartial while judging papers. Few teachers have any systematic idea of how to grade fairly. A teacher who gives the best suitable grade to an assignment is being fair. A student can"t always agree with the teacher's opinions. The teacher shouldn"t give low marks to indicate these wrong opinions or to discipline the students. Disciplining students with grades is not the teachers" duty. A teacher's duty must be to be as impartial as s/he can while grading. .
             In his essay another point Lean argues about is that the grading system somehow does harm to students. As we all know our transcripts have big effects on our future jobs as a transcript with good grades is a must to have a good job and the bad system is damaging the students" future.

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