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Competitions for grades~ A

             Competition for Grades is a Healthy Influence on Students.
             When you go into a school, you always hear students talking about their grades. Sometimes they are even bragging about them. When other students hear someone talking about how they had gotten all A's on their report card or 100% on a quiz, they sometimes feel jealous or not smart enough. This is not always a bad thing. Usually this jealousy will lead to the student telling themselves that they can also do well academically. Sometimes they feel they want to be better than the people talking about how good the did. This is only one of the many reasons why competition for grades is a healthy influence on students.
             Students are sometimes motivated to do better by other student's achievements. When a student who just aced a test hears people talking about how they did horribly on it, he or she will feel good about themselves .
             and might want to brag about it. Everyone wants to do good, and it makes people feel good about themselves when other people know about their achievements. So when the students who did bad on the test hears the student bragging about how well they did, it may motivate the student who did bad to do better so that they can brag about how good their score was the next time. Even if student was jealous at first, in the long-run it helped them to do better themselves.
             Cheating is an everyday thing for some students. However, if more students competed for better grades, less cheating would occur in schools. Since more students would be competing to get better grades, everyone would be less willing to let their friends copy their work. The students trying to get good grades wont let their friends copy their work anymore because they wouldn't want their friends to get the same score as them. They would hope to get an even better score than .
             their friends so that they can brag about how well they did.

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